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Trail Rides  This is a beginning project to share ride specifics. Bernie and I have ridden many wonderful trails in California, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho. You'll find trail information, descriptions, and a few photos. Later you'll find maps and more trails. For now, the trails listed include some around Idyllwild, from Reds Meadow and Agnews Meadow in the Sierra, and around Wawona in Yosemite. Please consider the use of the word "horse" to include all equids. Give us feedback and share other trail resources if you wish. Email if you have any questions or suggestions.
Pegasus Center and Discovering Equus   Peggy Macy Martin is Pegasus Center.  Vickie Cottle is Discovering Equus.  Together and individually we offer fun, reflective, exploring adventures with horses as our partners.  Variously called Equine Facilitated Mental Health, Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning, Equine Assisted Activities, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, they all ultimately mean the same thing.  Spending time with a horse in a new way; not about horsemanship or riding as we traditionally know it.  Life may be illuminated, you may find your true self, you may relate to others in a new way, you may see life in new colors.  The horse opens the way.

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park Work Parties: Everyone is encouraged to help repair the trails in the Park recovering from the Cedar Fire. Volunteers are getting together many Saturdays.  For information on work party schedule click here.  Wear sturdy shoes or boots, layers of clothing, bring water, lunch, gloves.   See photos and information on what happens in a work party on the link under Activities to your left.

Harry Whitney: Peggy has written up her notes from several clinics by Harry Whitney. The notes are his words, as best recalled. Pieces may not make much sense unless you have seen Harry yourself, but taken as a whole, I hope the notes offer you a picture to aid your relationship with your horse. It is said that we retain from 10-20% of what we hear or read. Being able to read helps boost what we know.
Gesa Brinks Equine Body Dynamic    What can I say, Gesa is a healer.  So many times I wish we had taken videos before and after.  Her sense and connection to horses is very special.   Many horses have been brought to trainers or "sent down the road" to another owner simply because they were in pain.  Horses tell us how they feel through their behavior; how else can they communicate with us?  When we "listen" we can help them be all they can be.  Pain interferes for horses and for people.  From minor aches that restrict full performance to more major physical issues, Gesa can help your horse.  They'll feel better or at least you will understand what is affecting your horse.