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Oakzanita Ranch is surrounded by Cuyamaca Rancho State Park which is ideally located for the enjoyment of trails and scenic beauty of the San Diego mountains. There are over 125 miles of trails in the Park directly accessible from the ranch and almost 8 miles of private trails around the ranch. The ranch consists of 40 acres of sloping hillside originally covered with live oaks and chaparral and is located 45 minutes from downtown San Diego and 30 minutes from El Cajon. Boarding is available at reasonable rates.

Facilities include:
  • 24x24 pipe corrals with sheds with stall mats
  • large "pastures" on hillsides
  • hot walker
  • wash racks
  • locked individual tack closets
  • 3 round pens
  • large fenced riding arena
  • riding area with trail obstacles and jumps
  • bathroom and shower facilities


At Oakzanita Ranch we care about horses. Since horses donít get to chose to be with us or have the means to get their needs met on their own, we believe we owe them every courtesy and kindness. This includes quality feed, water and accommodations, and extends to freedom from pain and confusion. To assist us in this mission we like to have some time with each new boarder and their horse/s to get to know you and your horseís needs. If we can do anything at any time to help you or your horse, we wish to do so. Whenever you have questions or want information about equipment, the fit of your saddle, why your horse is behaving a certain way on the ground, while mounting or under saddle, or any health concerns, please let us know. We strive for healthy, happy horses so that we all can experience safe and fun horse-oriented activities and enjoy the special relationship with our horses. We consider it an honor and a privilege to be entrusted to care for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of these wonderful animals.

Oakzanita Ranch has been boarding horses since 1978 and is owned and run by Peggy and Bernie Martin. Horses and their owners are happy here. To ensure a safe, friendly, and enjoyable riding environment, we request references of prospective boarders.