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Gesa Brinks

Oakzanita Ranch is pleased to offer

 "Chiropractic" Clinics with Gesa Brinks

Clinics are scheduled every month or two.  Let us know if you would like to be notified of when Gesa is coming to Oakzanita Ranch. You may come and watch or make an appointment.

$80 per treatment

Gesa Brinks
Equine Body Dynamics

Gesa has a wonderful way in helping horses get comfortable.  We’ve watched visibly dramatic changes take place in the shape of a horse's back/neck, a horse stops stumbling, changes in the whole look in a horse’s face as he/she is free of pain, absence of defensiveness with farriers, willingness to move freely. She helps dogs also.

We became convinced in the value of chiropractic care for our horses after Dixie was cast in a tie line overnight. The rope around her neck was wrapped around her hind foot putting her in a real bind. Despite veterinary care and two weeks time, she was unable to raise her head any higher than 18-24 inches off the ground. We feared cervical damage. Our friend called in Orville Matheson a chiropractor in the central valley area where she was being cared for. After having her neck joints adjusted one by one from her withers to her head, Dixie raised her head to a normal level, enjoyed a good roll which she’d been unable to do without the balance of her head and neck, and looked over the corral fence.

Three categories of horses seem to benefit from chiropractic care:

1) a maintenance adjustment for the effects of us riding on horse’s backs, helps prevent becoming horse #2 or #3,

2) adjustment of an area like neck/back/hip/rib that is causing the horse to be physically effected in their performance (like Kat hurting with cinching, or a horse not able to move as well right or left),

3) a major adjustment that brings tears to my eyes (my emotions run over), a noticeable change in the back shape that stops a horse’s tripping, a horse that never stood still standing quietly, fixing Prima’s hip so she could pack a load in the Sierras, saving Lily from being "unsafe to ride".

Horses carry us on their backs which were not designed for the job. They tweak themselves one way or another, a slip, a fall, getting cast. The birthing process can leave a body out of sorts for years. If Gesa checks your horse and there is no problem to be corrected, there is no charge.