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Directions to Oakzanita Ranch

11190 Highway 79 Descanso, CA 91916

Caution: GPS and map programs are not accurate as to the location of   Oakzanita Ranch. Various programs place us from .3 to 1 mile north of our actual location.  They are helpful to bring you in our neighborhood only.


From South, East or West:

Exit Interstate 8 at Hwy 79 going north.  Follow all signs to "Julian/ Cuyamaca State Park" .  You'll pass Descanso Junction (don't turn at the sign for "Descanso") and a mile or so up the highway turn left  in order to stay on Hwy 79.  Go 3.1 miles from that turn, past Thousand Trails RV Park; driveway is on the left.  You'll see a brown wooden pasture fence with horses just before our drive  and the "Oakzanita Ranch" sign as you turn in.  If you miss the driveway, there is a good turn-around area just past the large wooden Cuyamaca  State Park sign.

From North:

Hwy 79 south through Cuyamaca State Park.  Our drive is 1 mile south of Green Valley Campground,  just past the rangerís home which has green and red mailboxes. There is a brown wooden pasture fence just before our drive on the right.  If you get to Thousand Trails RV Park, you've gone too far, and it offers a good turn around area.


As you come up our drive, the barn is up past the riding area.  Turn left at top of the hill to the barn area and park alongside the drive.  Our house is up and to the right.