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Equine Stress Control Therapy

 Developed by Barbara Wright, Equine Stress Control Therapy (ESCT) offers you a way to help your fearful, anxious, traumatized horse to heal and gain confidence.  You can learn how to help your horse build trust in your relationship as you calm him/her. For a brief description of the process of  ESCT.  To understand more about how ESCT works.  Peggy Martin is a certified ESCT therapist  who can teach you how to help your horse.

Does your horse have problems with:

  • Head shyness
  • Saddling or bridling
  • Noises
  • Trailer loading or unloading
  • General tension or anxiety
  • Clippers
  • Spookiness

Using techniques developed for treating anxiety and trauma in humans, ESCT heals from the inside out. 

Individual sessions or small group workshops:

  • Relieve and resolve your horse's fear response
  • Learn how to use ESCT skills to calm your horse
  • Enjoy helping your horse be all that s/he can be

Peggy will work with you to create your own personal program considering you and your horse's needs.  

Some comments by folks who have helped their horses with ESCT:

Cisco was almost left behind in the Cedar Fire as it was coming to Oakzanita Ranch. Despite many different efforts, he refused to enter the trailer. He had been injured 3 weeks prior in an effort to load him in the trailer; he had a confirmed trailer loading problem long before he came to be part of our family.  For sure, he was NOT going in.  He was finally loaded (gently, by the way).  I was interested to try ESCT when Barbara Wright came to Oakzanita Ranch for a clinic.

4 weeks after the ESCT clinic...

I enjoyed the ESCT clinic and found real value in taking it.  I have done follow up work with Cisco with his trailering issue and am very pleased with the results.  The last time I asked him to get in the trailer he hesitated for only a moment and then stepped in.  We spent several minutes in the trailer and then when I asked him to back out it was slow and smooth, without any of the stress he used to experience. 
over a year later...
We have now taken Cisco on two horse camping trips with no trailering issues.  In fact we had what could have been a disastrous accident on our first trip when Cisco or Mickey managed to lift our trailer's stall divider off its hinges while we were in route to the camp site.  While neither horse panicked, I nearly did when we discovered what had happened.  I got both horses out of the trailer (both horses exited calmly) to inspect them for injuries and by some miracle Mickey didn't have a scratch and Cisco only had a slight scrape on one leg.  Julie's first comment after inspecting the horses and seeing that they were OK was "you'll never get Cisco back in the trailer".  Well, I am happy to report for once she was wrong.  After we reinstalled the divider and fixed it so it couldn't come off again I asked Cisco to get back in the trailer and he did NOT hesitate at all.  I spent a few moments with him, then loaded up Mickey and off we went. 
We have not had any trailering issues since we discovered ESCT.
Kind regards,