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Photo Gallery


Bernie and  his TWH yearling Maestro getting used to the circingle.

Peggy and yearling Kat (AQHA grandson of DocOLena) making a nice connection and feel of each other.

Bernie taking Peggy’s Tiger out and about in circingle and driving lines.
  Buds: Einhardt & Cielo


Peggy and Bernie Martin, your hosts at Oakzanita Ranch. We clean up OK.

Part of Bernie’s family including his 92 year old mother and his "best horse" Barnyard.

18 month old twins Kate and Brock leading big brother Sam on Choctaw.

Pop (Peggy’s 86 year old father and frequent photographer) getting a "Dixie fix" for his sore back. Foxtrotter Dixie now belongs to Vickie. Oakzanita Peak, for which our ranch is named, is in the background.