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Harry Whitney
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Harry Whitney  

Click here to visit Harry's Website Harry has been featured in Equus Magazine, The Whole Horse Journal, and other publications. Harry Whitney clinics have the enthusiastic recommendation of a wide variety of breeding farms and professionals in the horse industry, including people involved in cutters, reiners, Paso Finos, Peruvians, Icelandic Horses, Foxtrotters, Arabians, Quarter Horses, endurance, dressage, and High School and therapeutic riding.

Harry is a superb teacher of horse and rider. His emphasis is on why, building understanding. As a person working with Harry, I have a sense of how the horse must feel. He is so clear and encouraging. I really want to try and I feel so good when I get it. Spending time in Arizona with Harry is different than riding in a clinic. The pace of each day is set by each horse and each rider. The focus is present and in the moment even as everything is part of a grand fabric of principles guiding the learning. A very special experience and fun!

To learn more about Harry, please visit, www.harrywhitney.com To learn more about his Arizona Clinics, click on AZ Clinic Info.

Below are several Harry Whitney reports in word documents.