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Rider Fear

Overcoming Rider Fear

Peggy Macy Martin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified riding instructor who specializes in helping people overcome horseback riding fear and anxieties.   Using a combination of EMDR and real-life supportive lessons on horseback, riders are able to gain confidence and skill mastery to enjoy security and partnership with their horse.

Individually designed programs allow you to:

  • Relieve and resolve the origins of your fear response
  • Practice specific skills using the power of your own mind
  • Find yourself enjoying riding and looking forward with positive anticipation
  • Get “yourself” back and be the rider you would like to be

Peggy will work with you to create your own personal program considering your needs, budget, and preferences.   A variety of formats are offered:
  • Individual or small groups (2 to 4 riders) meet in intensive blocks of time or in a series of sessions with your horse or mine
  • Ongoing support by phone and/or email
  • Consultation with your local resources by phone and/or email
    • Helping your riding instructor incorporate specific emotional support techniques into your riding lessons
    • Helping your EMDR Therapist with information regarding elements of horseback riding particular for your trauma therapy