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Rider Fear


As is stated in "Breakthrough Therapy for Fear" in Horse & Rider July 2003 issue, "EMDR is a therapy that can provide surprisingly speedy relief to those who feel stuck in negative reactions and behaviors."   Using EMDR to work through and resolve fear and anxiety is different in several ways from other approaches.   The person is provided a way to deal with the origins, not just the symptoms, of the fear and anxiety that is interfering with their enjoyment of riding.    EMDR is helpful in accessing pertinent personal memories, processing through the specific meanings, and strengthening positive internal resources.   People describe the "natural" feeling of being able to "be confident" not just "try to be confident" after EMDR sessions.

A traumatic event is often resolved in as little as one to three sessions.   More complex or repeated traumas may require a longer period to resolve.    Practicing skills while you ride, enhanced by EMDR, help you to be relaxed, focused, and confident.   EMDR is comprehensive in addressing images, emotions, memories, body sensations, belief systems, and desires.    How EMDR works for a particular person is very individual; each person processes differently.   EMDR is both comprehensive and individualized.

If you would like to learn more about EMDR, go to EMDR information.
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