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Lessons and Training

Lessons and Training


Peggy Martin is an American Riding Instructor Association (ARIA) certified riding instructor in recreational riding.     I've been a lifelong (more than 55 years) horseback rider and horse lover.  Through the years I have ridden and shown dressage, a bit of jumping, ridden in endurance, competitive trail, and trail trials, ridden mountain trails through California and Rocky Mountain states, started some horses, and taught riding on and off since I was 12.  As an eager learner, I read and study and think horses a lot.  I credit my teachers, both human and horses, for the enjoyment and privilege of coming to know something about horses to share with others.

Special interests: 

  • Introducing people to horses
  • Helping fearful riders gain/regain confidence
  • Refining your effectiveness on the ground and in the saddle
  • Working on basic equitation skills that translate to being in balance with your horse
  • Serving as your "eyes" to see how you are influencing your horse
  • Coaching you to bring out the best in your horse, step by step
  • Considering additional ways to communicate with your horse

Individual or  group lessons are offered on your own horse or on select lesson horses.

Peggy will work with you to create your own personal program considering your needs and her availability.  



Select horses are accepted for short-term training by Bernie and Peggy. If your horse has any bucking or rearing issues, we would be glad to refer you to someone else as, at this time of our life, we choose to pass. All horses selected for training require active participation by the rider. We want to help you and your horse develop an effective partnership.  Our training approach is inspired by the desire for the horse to understand and have confidence in your requests. 

Could your horse be better?
  • Yielding to the your leg
  • A better stop and back
  • Accustom to varied trail conditions
  • Tune up on trail obstacles
  • Spook in place
  • Balance and response to cues
  • More connected to you
  • Rating speed
Bernie and Peggy have developed a list of things you might like your trail horse to be able to do with you.  Just some ideas to think about where you are with your horse, not that we would expect to have everything working just the way we would like.  That's why horsemanship is such an engaging activity.