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Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
Work Parties

Join the trail maintenance work parties of the Cuyamaca Rancho State Park's volunteer Trail Maintenance Unit on a Saturday in the mountains. To find out more and when work parties are scheduled  click here.

Part of Backcountry Horsemen San Diego unit, Cuyamaca Trail Maintenance Unit, and Pine Valley Mountain Riders ready to work on Oakzanita Peak trail.

As equestrians we enjoy the trails in the Park.  This is your chance to give back.  Come and bring a friend or two.

Let me fill you in on the activities. You will hike in or be driven to the nearest area to walk in. Bring favorite loppers/clippers, gloves, water, lunch, sun screen, etc. The Park also provides tools.

Definition of trail work:

Several Park-certified chainsaw operators cut brush while others drag and hide it in A pockets'. The more the merrier, making a line of people passing brush to its destination out of sight. Other people come along trimming up scraggly pieces to neaten the final product. Some clear rocks off trails and break down the berm that typically forms along the edge of the trail so that water will run off the trail rather than down it. Others can help by keeping saw operators supplied with gas and oil and the rest supplied with water . There is something for everybody. Mostly everyone has a lot of fun working together and are quite pleased when you walk back the trail you have cleared.


Crew: Allie, Keenen, Bernie, Patty and Sundance


Bernie packing up Keenenís Sundance, pack horse extraordinaire